What is Hypnosis ?

The state of hypnosis is a natural state of absorption, an attention turned inwards, which we all have the ability to access. Certain people dive into hypnosis very fast, and go very far, for others it may require some practice, a more progressive exploration, in order to become familiar with it. Session after session, you will discover that you go further and further into the experience.

The state of hypnosis is not an ON/OFF button. It is a spectre that you explore at your own rhythm and according to your current state of mind. I guide you with various hypnotic techniques to teach you how to explore your mind’s abilities.

Many people describe a feeling of being here and not here at the same time. You know that you in truth you are sitting in an armchair and at the same time it really doesn’t matter where you are sitting anymore. You are so completely absorbed by what you are experiencing within that your surroundings hold no importance anymore.

You have probably noticed that there are many moments in which you are not really here, in the here and now. This may even happen several times a day, in your car, in front of the television, at the theatre, with a good book, daydreaming on a train… The sense of time may dissolve, the imagination unfolds and you have naturally, spontaneously drifted into an “altered” state of consciousness. It would maybe even take you a while to notice that someone is calling your name or that it is time to get off the bus, as you reorient your attention to the outside world.

Hypnotism is a technique, an art, and not a gift. It is both very rational since it is simply a different way of activating the brain’s capacities, and also “magical” as an experience, astonishing and highly subjective. It is YOUR experience of hypnosis, only yours.

The state of hypnosis connects us to your subconscious system, to our buried emotions, to that which we are not actively aware of. To the aspects of ourselves that elude us and yet direct most of our life. The work under hypnosis is about allowing the subconscious mechanisms and representations that govern us emerge and then transform. In a way, it is about “un-hypnotising » ourselves from certain limiting conditionings by opening the doors to the most original and creative parts of us.

Conscious or Subconscious?

Subconscious means everything that you do without having to think about it, everything that happens under or beyond your attention.
The biological functions of your body (breathing, blinnking, digestion, heart beats, movements..), as well as learnings, memory, emotions, automatic and uncontrolled behaviour fall into that category.

The different approaches to psychotherapy in the 21st century agree to perceive our psyche not merely as an unmoving identity but rather as plurality of aspects of ourselves under a unified self. These aspects express themselves in different contexts, and will active different behaviours, reactions, emotions and social codes. You are not exactly the same version of yourself when you are with your family, with your partner, your colleagues, your boss, your friends, during your activities or on holidays. Each situation brings forth a different aspect of your personality, which is what makes you a unique and complex being. We are therefore going to consider that you have a multitude of subconscious parts that can be activated within you, rather that considering that you have one large subconscious mind.