The Centre Hypnose de la Rochelle was founded to offer hypnosis counseling focused on compassion, generosity and commitment.

Each person is unique and exceptional, in terms of sensitivity, history and personality. My belief is that each person has the necessary inner resources to overcome, learn, develop and shine; and my role is to help you reveal your potential and free yourself from subconscious blocks.

Aitana Mac Gowan

Hypnosis Counselor and Trainer

After exploring different approaches to the art of hypnotism (ericksonian, humanistic, directed waking dream, bilateral stimulation, holotropic breathwork, energetic/EFT, …) and various approaches to psychotherapy (systemic, emotional, relational, dialogic…), I opened my practice in 2015. I offer a personalised approach that helps shine light on your subconscious mechanisms, your needs, fears and defence systems with clarity and without judgment. Together, we will observe the behaviours and thoughts that result from them in order to change your perspective and work towards your own transformation.

I use hypnosis to guide you into various altered states of consciousness that will allow you to accelerate and facilitate processes of realization, integration and change.

My objective is to offer a safe and free space for you to learn, experiment and unfold new ways of functioning, of experiencing your emotions, of relating with others and with the world.

Activities in parallel to individual counselling:

Trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis at the researche and training institute ARCHE.
Self-hypnosis for private and corporate groups.
Cross disciplinary mind-body-environment workshops.

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